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Acoustic Shade ASTRA


- High-performance acoustic element of sustainable PET felt with excellent sound absorbing properties. - Engineered to absorb sound and deliver more comfortable interior spaces. - Acoustic lampshade for seamless integration into Astra Suspended. - High-quality visual and tactile surfaces suitable for both residential and public environments. - Available in 6 standard colours and 10 custom colours. - Acoustic lampshade in PET felt, 12 mm thick, containing up to 60% of recycled fibres.

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Acoustic Shade ASTRA Acoustic Shade ASTRA Acoustic Shade ASTRA Acoustic Shade ASTRA Acoustic Shade ASTRA Acoustic Shade ASTRA

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CLimar - Diameter (mm) - Ø880


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CLimar - Height (mm) - 300


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CLimar - Height (mm) - 400



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