> Irregular hexagonally shaped pendant lamp, characterized by marked asymmetrical edges. > Tailored unique lighting design entirely manufactured by hand. > LED housed in an opal Polycarbonate tubular core ensuring homogeneous lighting and uniform upper and lower light distribution. > Fully customizable LED light source – power, colour temperature, CRI, control system, etc. > Bicoloured aluminium lampshade, always with matt white interior for higher reflection coefficient and outside in black or customised in other colours. > Suspended by a triple cable system that can be adjusted for different ceiling heights. > MOQ – Minimum Order Quantity: 6 units

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CLimar - Control - DALI Power Supply

DALI Power Supply

CLimar - Control - ON/OFF Power Supply

ON/OFF Power Supply

Color Temperature

CLimar - Color Temperature - 4000K


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Climar - FPT Climar - FPT

EC Declaration

Climar - EC Declaration Climar - EC Declaration

Photometric Data LDT

Climar - LDT Climar - LDT

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In order to achieve the best performance, durability and suitability of Climar products in your project, we have prepared a set of specific quality requirements for each product.